Tuesday, February 7, 2012


In my current class I have a 100%! ^-^

The classes happen in 6 week segments. This was week one... probably not impressive... only my trans English class...

I had trouble in school while on medications. I haven't gone back to school since proving I was better off of them and I am loving the ability to retain info... loving it!

I gave up studying in school because of how little a difference it made... basically I had trouble learning and retaining, to the point where I even had to take special classes and all that jazz. a lost cause on meds...

then I slowly got it back off of meds but after years of struggling only to pass my classes (many times barely)... I am loving the easy in this now! ^-^ seriously... I read it once(sometimes twice for the hell of it) and I get it!

That didn't happen before. Even when I did get it, those medications are why i don't know how to always express it. I no longer know what I am supposed to expect from people either... years of conditioning otherwise.

I might crack and give this birthday toy early... the mittens remain for the birthday itself... *firm resolve... hopes*


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