Tuesday, February 7, 2012

because the double posting amuses me

I am so weird.

Anyway, while the work itself is easy for me, making sure I sound professional and appealing to be hired is not my strong suit, so tomorrow I have an appointment to take in a couple applications and make sure it sounds good for the employers so I can get hired.

Displaced housewife.... sorry, I did much of these jobs at home and growing up. forgot to list all of the experience washing cars... do volunteer car washes count or is this somehow different?

This is the type of stuff I get to ask this lady so I can know what I should be putting on the paper and what is relevant to say. "Dust bunnies and diapers didn't require me to know this"... XP... that has become an amusing little thing I end up saying a lot nowadays. they didn't... neither did knowing how to repair things, sewing... nothing i did as a housewife or growing up had anything to do with knowing what is relevant to others while getting hired.

For instance... I know how to use many different tools because I love working with my hands and while I was growing up I learned from my grandfather. turns out he used to be a cabinet maker at one point. while I didn't learn how to make cabinets(and he refused to teach me saying he was afraid I would cut my hand off with the saw or something-should have seen the bricks he shat when I had to use a saw for a school project... while he did teach me how to use a saw, still refused to teach me cabinet making-what can I say? I like learning).... but I do know how to sand down old furniture and make it new... though I must confess it is much easier to use a sand blaster than the sand paper and paint scraper I had to use. it took a long time and I almost thought it would take even longer... but it was done, I only had to do the one part of it anyway... the table it old. the paint was chipping off. so now I am going to paint it all artsy, tastefully of course, and see if someone wants to buy it.

If anyone likes my work, as always, I am fine with doing the job and I don't charge insane amounts of money for the jobs I do. It is much like the housewife concept. I am very versatile and know how to DO many things... just not how to find people who want the services(or coffee table in this case) offered... plus it doesn't help that I tend to be shy about it...

anyway, back to my classwork. i fell asleep before finishing last night. tomorrow afternoon I get to take my applications in... I hope they are done well... I kinda fret over details. I like to do my job wholly well and efficiently. if someone doesn't want me to spend oodles of time on something... I learn how to do it as well as my desire dictates but also faster at the same time.

the only thing I don't know is how to clean interiors in vehicles... well not in a car wash anyway. I used to clean my grandfathers car's interior... his van was usually clean in general so it never needed interior(or he did it).

The prospect of possibly having a job like that kinda makes me all excited. 0.0 I hope I don't blow it.

One of my other ones is Denny's, it was suggested they would be hiring soon.

I must admit... the prospect of working with cleaning cars and working with maybe water? *grin*

The following is more in applied with restaurant type stuff. In jobs that kinda ARE sink or swim, either you can or you can't... I have no issue, but please try to remember I was doing what I know now is at least(minimally-skeleton crew kinda thing) would take 5 people at least and as such, my prior experience was anything but pleasant and as such, I ask I not be judged for the complaints I had, also... while in some jobs it is OK to be not told something-she didn't exactly leave out just little stuff. This was big stuff she was leaving me o figure out, basic stuff... so in my defense to my following complaints and how they may sound to others... this woman expected the insane and I somehow managed to do it-but I am unhappy with her lack of at least teaching me how to write orders on a pad of paper... I wasn't taught the basics of waitress only told to write it down and make sure I got the orders out...  and then later told a writing existed for waitresses to write shorter but not told anything else, not even told how to fix the tables until after my first time doing so and then she told me how... I was under trained, under paid, and thrust straight into a "management" role with no experience whatsoever and no idea what I was doing whatsoever while doing several jobs-dishwasher-busser-waitress-head waitress-chef assistant-advertising(her sign)... even cleaned he restaurant. all she did was balance the books and cook the food... and have a friend help her keep stocked(thank goodness, running over to get her stuff she forgot to stock up on was killing me)... asking for help on my end was what got me fired-because that was not possible and had effected my health drastically so I had no choice but to ask she hire someone to help, I didn't even understand being  ahead waitress with no other waitresses-she had like 15 fricking tables! last i heard, even trained waitresses have trouble with that, especially cramped together like that). *clears throat* at the very least it did give me the ability to do a good job and appreciate being expected to work what is sane and perhaps consider what others call insane work to be sane. By the time I finally lost my job their I was able to perform the duties of a waitress as well as the rest of those jobs as well(and yes, it entailed all the work that went with those jobs too)... though I never did learn this odd  kinda language she spoke of between chefs and waitresses... which leads to me thinking that I will just assume it doesn't exist until it is shown and proven otherwise to me. I don't mind being expected to do the job some would think insane and impossible... but what she expected was downright cruel and unusual, inhumane. so yeah... what normal work places consider alright is fine with me.. but I have never seen any employer treat an employee as she treated me. no wonder she was bragging about her waitresses going on to work at all these places! because after her... these places are easy.

My first experience as a waitress wasn't exactly pleasant. I was thrust directly into head waitress with little training and plenty I didn't know yet. I hate not knowing and I hate being surprised with new information ONLY after it is needed and a situation where it would have been required is also needed. I must admit... in a restaurant setting... I would prefer being a busser or a dishwasher... hm... she had me doing those too anyway and they require little thought for me anyway. I was not protected from sexual harassment and well... I was always terrified I would write the wrong order(did a couple of times in the beginning too) or mix up the orders(with that many tables and just one person her expectations were insane, this was a multiple person job but she made only one person with only her"training"- quick run through- do it). Her cash register was also required to be learned but I am always afraid to say because I don't want to mislead anyone. her cash register was ancient kinda... so while I know the basics of it... I am always afraid it will be different and my next employer(if I ever manage to be hired) will just do a sink or swim type thing like that again. while I dont' mind in curtain settings... being a waitress means working with people which means you leave an impression of the business itself... this means your appearance matters and if you don't know what your doing and are just kinda thrown out their in hopes you will figure it out... you don't leave a good impression.

In my personal life I may be one to forgo the appearance type stuff as I am happy with me the way I am and don't believe it should matter what I look like as such... when it comes to work, I am as I need to be, a representation of the business. I must confess though, after I left that first job I got rid of that skirt("present" my ass, I was expected to wear it). It was flimsy and though it wasn't a mini... it got my ass grabbed twice by a patrons teenaged grandson(of course nothing was done even though I asked she at least ask him not to and also asked him not to myself-he even offered me a bigger tip to go out on a date with him-the answer was no of course)... that skirt was flighty, flimsy, and she once threatened to fire me for wearing shorts under it!

So I always hesitate to put experience down... because they expect you to know everything already and my training was not only incomplete... but... my work environment was anything but good. she didn't even pay as the law says... and stole tips. while I logically know this is not something that would happen at this place and as such I would be honored to work their....... I will never know if that experience is solitary if I never get the chance to find out... will i.

Isn't it funny how I get psyched so easily about two vastly different jobs?

I like working hard... I learn quickly(better when applied or shown once though-I admit that is the type of learner I am) so what I don't know I am willing and able to retain to know it and be good at it.

As for what I know... I just need to be given the knowledge of how it applies to what my employer wants of me. Is that a lot to ask? I dont' even know... so yeah, I am afraid to ask. silly... isn't it?


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