Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am going to delete many posts before this... well not delete but make unavailable...

same thing for anyone not me.

I honestly might just start over... going to include my vids and language using attempts... and my copy write stuff in the stuff that is kept... I have been trying to give such some thought lately... what is good for blogging and what is not...

On the bright side I wasn't actually late last time I thought I was late to something. I was early. It is a trick I use to help me stay on time even when I become overly used to a routine. Basically... I keep telling myself that it is earlier and when tired of emotionally distressed... I don't think about it and my first reaction is to go with the earlier time... I am typically more concious of it... so that bodes just how upset I was... but yeah... lame but it is what it is.

Nothing short of EVERYTHING going wrong possible can make me either not be one time or be late... which is what happened with my walmart interview... everything went wrong and I was sick, previously injured... and kinda lightheaded.

anyway, will delete in a couple of hours. for now I need to go "lick my wounds" so to speak... moving hurts... walked a bit today... and I got burned by the sun... and I was already sick... and.... yeah.


bye bye!


If I still have internet later I will keep looking to see if anything should be taken out.  I am doing my best to try and see when too much or such is posted... wish me luck with that.



    To use what I write means you have to acknowledge your wrong to begin with. To use my art is idiotic.


    Just an FYI. Never tell me to shut up. It doesn't work. So glad I finally found those rules. I didn't break any laws, just was really, really annoying.

    -Luna (yep, this is my old blog)

  2. I figure since it isn't obvious, I was the one who wrote the blog this comment is being posted on. I searched for what was wrong with me, but no matter how many speculations and assumptions it was really just that I felt crazy because of the way I was being treated. I now take over the counter sleeping pills and anti depressants. Because of what has been done.