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this is one of my favorite videos... you might like it.

and THIS is an assignment I did on Anita Garlands essay for class.

I think she is just yelling at the world.

While the audience who may care what she says may be parents teachers and student, this woman is frustrated in her writing... frustrated people who are just venting as that appears do not choose an audience and further in her ire she even forgot such simple concepts as "you can lead a horse to water" and that no matter what you do about uniforms and such they will still find something to crack fun of. obviously the woman was made fun of. she made many references only someone with personal experience would make.

I don't think she intended it for anyone in particular, I think she intended it for anyone who would listen.

she doesn't look at the backlash for the kids who are perceived to be trouble but really do wish to learn or the right that could be taken should you just bar them... she doesn't consider that not all students who "interfere" with learning do so on purpose and is very emotional in her thinking. in her writing she specifically targets ones she dubs as "troublemakers" and takes on the idealistic quality of someone who has been in a toxic environment and has retained the core ideal that changing everyone to be as similar as possible(therein changing themselves as well) will make it all better when in fact it will not. kids bully other kids because of various things that have nothing to do with uniforms or not. This woman is an idealist. she is attacking this problem form the wrong angle.

also, if kids didn't go to school, with all due respect... we don't need any more ignorance in our society. those troublemakers would be less useful to society and more ignorant. She lacks insite on the long term effects of her plan and uses the shortsighted words of a kid who was made fun of in school. kids make fun of other kids cuz they don't feel comfortable in their own skins and thus revel in the discomfort of the one who is, they are jealous even if they themselves only realize this on a subconscious level as emotions are not consciously derived.

by a curtain age I do think they could allow for it but with that they would have to institute the ability to stop making the grades uniform in age which means the regulations so a child student would be safe with adult students and this is something many would not be willing to uphold the safety of let alone the repercussions of everything that could go wrong.

Her logic is further flawed but has a point with her quote in paragraph 5, however the only one who can answer that question is the person themselves. their are many jobs that don't necessarily take brains to do(with all due respect) so ticking off someone who might be something, even without education... they just end up being a bully in a different setting.

as for the standing out... she shows her idealism right their, it is like me wishing guys will stop starring at my chest when I know full well it is in their nature. she was the only reason she didn't stand out as she relied on others opinions of her.

as for the meal options...??? what school did she go to? look, nutrition is a personal choice and best left alone. nobody wants to be told what to eat or what to feed their kids. follow the link http://www.theblaze.com/stories/n-c-food-inspector-sends-girls-lunch-home-after-determining-its-not-healthy-enough/ for the result of such thinking as people who think like her become what they are hating on now.

then she goes off on competitive sports... again, a personal choice. again, forcing her opinions is her answer to this problem.

one would also come to the conclusion she didn't get asked to prom or her crush took someone else so now she wants to get rid of it for everyone.

If one takes a step back and looks at this in it's entirety, one can simply argue that her target audience could not have been anyone as her logic is severely flawed. she is exactly what she hates most, a bully. because they want to feel good about themselves, they put her down, but afterwards she wants everyone to be on the same level... and that isn't how the world works. this person is actually worse than the bully themselves because their intent is not to minimize bullying but to elevate themselves and her mental stability is something I question although since I am not a mental health professional my opinion means little.

In this, I deduce that while language wise it can be argued she is talking to a target audience of those relevant, she is just a pissed of victim who is willing to make victims out of everyone else to make herself feel better and that makes her, a bully.


It should be noted, I did not go to prom. I was made fun of and i was also bullied. I know how these feelings and thoughts go but was taught better than that.

she neglects her long term thought process.


PS: that assignment took me less than 20 minutes in completion... between 10-15 minutes actually.

English is anything but my best subject.... my grade is currently a 92... T.T....

Anyway... this should serve as an example of how I think and just how MUCH I do understand.

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