Wednesday, February 8, 2012

one of those nights


One of those nights.

The one time I don't finish an assignment ahead of time and I fall asleep.

I am not surprised, especially considering that I have slept one night since Saturday. this would be night two... well it counts, I passed out this afternoon... of course my assignment didn't make it in so chances are, my beloved 100% is going to drop... T.T ...... this week has been hell. The delay in getting those job apps back to the possible employers also is stressful for me. every day this is delayed is a day they could hire someone else or decide I took too long and don't want it", I want it! I am just wanting to do this right. I have had my applications looked over before and I wanna make sure I am doing it right, actually I know I didn't do some of those other ones right but have no idea what the "right" way actually is.

So yeah, on top of that, lets pile some other very stressful stuff and well... if it helps, I know how to make my body sleep with just meditation when it needs it... the circumstances are just a bit special. I have been too worried... more than an income a job would give me something to focus on and I would definitely sleep better that is for sure... when I get "that" tired I don't dream. if I do it is like tonight. I dreamt at the very end... an old injury acting up is what woke me... I would have stayed "out" until either my body had enough rest of my alarm went off in the morning.

Of course I apparently twisted my ankle... in my sleep... who does that?

Oh yeah, good news I think I forgot to say before... the apartment managers said next month the city is supposed to come out and do something about the.. er... bug problem. They are a "water variety" that comes from the piping. I manage to keep them from finding a nest in here by making sure it is clean and all that jazz but... neighbors spray and they come over here(actually I don't know what they are doing that sounds so weird but I assume it is that because of the bug reaction). Other than a couple projects I am doing and had to put on hold(I do not consider that being clean when stuff is left out), and the area I do my school work, this place it clean and well put together.

*sigh* I like being efficient... oh well, more time too study up on my Spanish... since both work places seem to be kinda bilingual. I am still learning and I fret over things like that... if language is standing in my way of being the best I can be at anything... I am going to have to just knock that obstacle down.

hahaha. that last one reminds me of rowan... he is turning 2 come the 11nth of this month. He is the rough and tumbling kid who just barrolls through everything. Well... I am mom, where do you think he got it from?



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