Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I didn't expect this.

You are happy around people, but do not do well in confined areas, you love to have breathing room and space to run or stretch. Your family and loved ones are one of your first priorities, because without them you feel cut off and probably unbalanced. You live for the common gathering, but are internally intelligent and extremely wise. You are agile and quick with both your tongue and feet. You love to face hard, and intricate problems head on with all you have, you love the night when your at your prime.
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 hm... I agree with some things and disagree with others.

I tried explaining what I agreed with and what I did not and realized I was taking too much time and... well... I think I have said enough that most can guess if they read through old posts. 

I have given up leaving extremely early in the morning... nothing is open that early around here and the only point it serves is to be calming to take a long walk... because I am weird like that. 

One thing I must state though. when someone asks you the same question and says something to the effect of "so____ then" each and every time you tell them contrary... it is annoying. at that point, telling them an equiv answer to "sure?" or "whatever you say"... is merely me acknowledging that the close minded person who is basically calling me a liar... is also insulting their own intellect and as thus... I will never have to.

See, I am not the type of person who needs to insult people... I believe if you really need insulted, your actions and whatnot do it to yourself but I am not above saying when I see it, and no, I won't say who or where. It was annoying and I didn't like it. If I say who or where it might have repercussions for them and.... that is where I draw the line.

I can only hope that in the future they do not do such. they were otherwise a very nice person despite that one thing... everyone has one thing. It was however, a behavior that I have met with in the past... it has a name for it that I forgot years ago. 

I worked at the "Coffee nook and bakery", I can tell you what city and how old I was. I can tell you around when I got the job and when I didn't have it anymore... I was heavily medicated so I think that is pretty good.
For those ho think stating what she had me doing is complaining... no, except the skirt, the tip snatching, and the not dealing with the customer who wouldn't stop trying to get me to sleep with him. that I completely admit I complained about. the doing more than one person should do in any work place or be expected to do...???? no. I was tired every day, I was too young and stupid to realize what she was doing and how wrong it was, and despite everything... it made me a better server for it. since then I have not had a server job... but I am indeed pretty sure I could do very well in such a position. her previously boasted training successes.. lets just say I know how they got to be so good. That woman expects the insane and should probably have several employees for the jobs she makes one person do. any union would probably shut her down but... I am not complaining. why should i? I could probably walk into any server position and be better at it because of it... plus knowing the insane workload that could be thrust on me... I will appreciate my boss more because they don't(assuming they wouldn't).

I did heavy extra curricular activities and helping in high school. I was heavily into the clubs and volunteer activities. I have plaques and certificates for such so if they are needed for interviews or whatnot... I hope I am told ahead of time. I wouldn't know which ones to bring. I have more than a few. Bringing them all would be a pain... though I am left to wonder if I am capably of such a feat... just out of curiosity of course. Several are proficiency awards. I take my given tasks and do them well and not just well... but with everything I've got so nobody can say I am not a hard worker unless they have proof of such fact. That proof does not exist and of that, I am proud. 

I have been a homemaker for awhile now... some people consider that experience and some do not. I will be blunt. You get no breaks, you get nobody to take shifts, and it is very demanding. you are required to multitask, to get things done efficiently(wreather you are sick as a dog or not)... and you must do all this while putting up with jabs from your significant other and glares from those who think SAHM's are lazy good for nothings who are not worth crap because they do not work. It is not a popular choice in the least but for women nothing generally is. the professional women get glared at too... the point being you deal with intense conflict and have to keep the peace, diplomacy. Also, it was calculated that being an SAHM was equivalent to doing the work of 3 full time jobs(If I remember correctly... "circle of moms" is generally a good site to reference for such information).


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