Tuesday, February 7, 2012

well that is just peachy

Apparently dv counseling isn't just for abusers. those who have been abused can be told to take it as a kind of "break the cycle" type thing.... even if you broke it already.... oh well. couldn't hurt... could it?

Yet the idea itself makes me fidget nervously.

Already pressed charges(well for what I could at the time, most of it of course will never be taken to court-my fault of course, should have stopped him the first time he took liberties he had no right to take with my person) and can converse in a public place.... already I refuse to be alone with him or be abused... already the only reason I will be in the same room is because for my children, it is necessary.

Still... I must confess that from what I am seeing it seems most of these people will be abusers and not people who were abused. As someone who has been abused... this makes me.... nervous.

At the same time I know not to get close to a single person in that room. And this won't help the "social" issue I have either... which of course stems FROM abuse. I hope they offer this class online. I REALLY don't wanna go through that hell if I don't have to... but if I do have to I will. I have been through the ordeals themselves after all. I can do this... I hope.

This class proves it may be.... terrifying.

Well isn't that just peachy?

For the kids.


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