Tuesday, February 14, 2012


due to sitchuations that confuse me and thus will incite a very person rant(that is really just me over-thinking)... the subject of references is something I have been trying to figure out all day.

I have one reference, they want three. i was told not to leave anything blank... but I learned at one point just writing repeats of the same was bad... so... what do you put when you don't know lots of people or are not sure if those you know would be good for this?

I have heard so many different lists or what references are supposed to be... it is confusing.

Now I am ashamed of myself because I wanted to get these out today but for got to do the references.

now I am stuck on said references and the "vocational" lady can't understand my questions when i ask her... when I try to explain what I don't know and how it is confusing nobody seems to get it.

it isn't some basic concept I don't get... it is the confusing mesh of mixed messages!

apparently normal people are supposed to not be confused by these things.


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