Tuesday, March 6, 2012




Remember to always double check and cross reference... especially when using Wikipedia.

Someone, somewhere is going to laugh their ass off at me but... I always end up back to plants.

I was in the bath(ironically I do some of my best thinking in the bath... or maybe not ironic as I am a Pisces-no the irony would be how much I love fire/candles:*hates fake flame candles*: 0.0-water sign...) and was just letting my thoughts wonder and then it hit me, I had to make calls to sell the plants and whatnot in high school... why not use this same technique for my art?

It seems like forever ago that I did this one. Obnoxious and loud but kinda and well meaning healer girl... with a really big mouth(no ability to keep secrets). I based her off of someone I knew and then made a character design. Soon after I saw a book in the library that had a unicorn horn type alien girl and about kicked myself. no way was the idea of using a unicorn horn for a healer girl form a race of people who basically are what unicorns legends came from(in the story) was original... but I like the idea and it is mine. I am sure other characters exist that use this unicorn horn idea.

I did that WAAAY back... I was in high school. I have thought about putting color to it... and if you like it, here is another of that same character.

If you can't tell, character creation is a hobby of mine.

Every character has their quiet moments. The characters personality is very overwhelming so I added an extra element from the person(actually the girl was named Amy) I originally derived the character idea from... the girl was dramatic with a side of brooding looks... not necessarily stupid but highly naive when it came to others suffering she had trouble discerning the cause and often didn't mention it. I suppose after seeing that expression on her face many times it gave me ideas for deeper facets of the character.

Their backgrounds may be very different(I never knew Amy's, she never really talked about it too much-though I assume it is very different-lol)... and their are some variations in personality to degrees... but I really enjoyed creating her. 

Call me odd but... I am rather partial to curtain characters more than others. This is one I have many times considered flat out making a story around her... the main character. As of now she is just a character in the world I made up for the story's I write... but I have seriously thought of writing her in. Only the base character will be like that... as the story progresses... one must decide how the character changes and is effected.

I have probably created over a hundred characters over the years that I have done nothing with... just for the sake of creating the characters.

I think that is enough to prove I enjoy it.

    I am sick today, was yesterday too. I am going to be taking care of myself, studying, and maybe doing some art so that I have inventory to sell... I must confess... My chosen profession was chosen out of personal obligation.  I think it is obvious enough... don't you?


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