Thursday, February 9, 2012


     Today I decided to blog a snippet of a story I am writing... just a brief piece of a chapter... hope anyone who reads it enjoys it.

     As the show room darkened and the show was about to start, a hush fell over the audience. The twins looked up from their bickering and were shocked speechless. The girl on stage was much prettier than they had ever thought possible. They had heard stories about this musician but... she was truly better seen in person.

     The girl had noticeably longs legs, a feat in such a long dress as she wore. The dress itself was designed very well, like she was born to wear it. The dress flowed around her drawing eyes and reminding one of flames. The dress went so well in combination with her tan skin, attractive body and her long red hair that fell around her and hung past her knees... She looked as if the dress were an extension of her instead of simply a dress... and she was much a spirit of the flame come from the realm of ethereal beings to partake of a night with those on earth. The one thing that might have interrupted this was her deeply striking emerald eyes which instead actually added to the ethereal air as her eyes struck out at you and begged you look deeper. Her red lips and the light jewelry the she wore, a dainty gold chain on her neck that hung just above her breasts and a tiny pair of gold earrings in her ears, only enhanced this. Everything about this girl was beyond what mortals should ever be able to accomplish... yet here she was, a goddess on earth. This was the lady they called "Pyro".

     Considering the meaning of her name it fit her very well... she was indeed a child of the flame if ever one existed.

     She had not played a single note and yet already the audience was rapt on her as if she was a goddess gracing them with her presence... and the twins were speculating that perhaps she was. One never knew... yet neither had the chance to find words before she began her performance and words once again fled.

     The golden flute was drawn from her sleeve with so much fluid grace you may not have even believed it came from her sleeve but from the air around her. The lights changed to a light red that only enhanced the feeling of her being one with fire itself, something no one thought possible till then, and the flute went to her lips.

     The song began with the soft melody of such intense quality. Her eyes were closed as if to shut her into the song and shy her impossibly beauty from the audience as she became her song. The flute sounded and she herself began to move. Her fingers moved effortlessly with her playing and she danced as if no gravity existed for her... flawlessly performing her song. The song itself was given life with her dance and her music... one would swear she was no longer just seemingly from the flames but one could just swear flames showed from time to time adding to it. Time vanished and others joined in her dance with their own parts from time to time as per the program... but she was as such for the entire program. No intermission... how she managed to continue had as much of a divine awe to it as the girl herself.

     When the show ended the curtains delayed dropping as if the one responsible had needed a moment to come out of his own stupor. Everything was quiet for a moment as if nobody even realized she show had gone on for so long. a three hour show seemed like a mere moment.


PS: I hope it is good... I would like to get it published one day. sorry if their are errors... I haven't gone through to edit yet. this is my rough version... I am resolved to finish it before I edit it.

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