Friday, February 3, 2012

good news for today

My bills are paid and I have been working tonight.

I was thinking of what to get my son for his second birthday... I was thinking a step stool and the mittens I am working on would be good... if I can afford anything else I will look out for something. I try to place thought in my gifts... thought and heart. I wouldn't be me if I didn't over think gift giving a bit.

Anyway... as odd as it sounds... I can actually kinda remember parts of my own second birthday.

I got a step stool and a "potty" with these sandals I loved(I can even tell you they were magenta), and this spinny thing... and a step stool of my own along with some pull up's. My parents are dead and anyone else their or who knew hasn't been with me most of my life... I didn't hear about this, I lived it.

I know it is odd...  however having once heard from my sister a recount of a memory her father was not their for and would otherwise be impossible for her to know by her own memory... it seems to be hereditary. anyway, gotta go. concussions are nasty things. over taxing so soon after isn't good... I gotta go take some Tylenol and meditate... that should help keep the effects at bay.

I don't even use pain medication unless their is something like this.  I usually just meditate it into the back of my mind or deal with it. granted their are limitations on how much you can do that but.... hm... well laters. I gotta go get some work done on those mittens anyway. his birthday is on the eleventh and they won't finish themselves.



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