Friday, February 10, 2012


When I receive an email with only a title my first instinct is to ignore it as obviously whatever they want isn't important. Everything I can think of seems disrespectful.... even "what do you want?"-and I had a heads up from someone else I just prefer to know from said person. The point is, if they wanted it so bad they would say it. besides, I don't do the middle person thing. you have to say what you want not someone else.... especially considering the other person and their penchant for leaving things out or lying.


So yeah, for future reference... it makes me picture myself talking to them like they don't understand. I don't like the feeling that comes from being talked to like that and I don't like conversing with those who lack knowledge of such a basic concept as putting something besides a title in am email.

As it is, I have no choice but to deal with this person, no-matter how much that is most likely his way of demanding something... it is rude and I stopped putting up with it so now I have to hold my foot down... without  taking my foot off of the walking of on eggshells. I have no choice but to deal with them.

Here is my take. I don't particularly want to deal with them either but neither of us have much choice in the matter so growing up is in order. I am not going to sit here trying to figure out what this person wants or anything of the sort. It may sound rude but I am going to send back just as irksome a post(no matter how childish it may seem) a simple "?" should suffice. yet I wonder about the maturity level of it... so I am rethinking that.

How about, "what do you want? please be civil in your endeavor." yeah.... this person will probably either not email me again on the subject, or get pissy and grow up... the point being, this isn't something you email anyone about something you care anything about. why should I bend every which way to accommodate someone who not only avoided everything for nearly 2 years but can't even send a simple request?

Call me a bitch but I am not feeling well either. I have been revisited by my breakfast and have no desire to eat lunch but will be having a late one... broth. In a couple of days I should be well enough to function. I am usually able to avoid getting this sick, but with present circumstances unique to this week(the combination of them anyway) my body couldn't handle it and I lost sleep and well, I was already sick so... yeah. Should be alright by Monday, which is also when I am going to be having my appointment to get help making sure those applications are done well and proper.

Alright... back to class. Not my actual school work. I am taking other classes too. like this one online for Spanish... been taking that one awhile now.

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