Wednesday, January 18, 2012

assignment-life plan(the assignment version-nothing too personal)

- this leaves out some personal goals just out of principle.

1) 5 year plan- own business(apothecary), and have college degree so that I may be a forensic artist, to be financially stable, and find a good school to begin my children's early education. An added goal is to find a dojo and learn at least 3 styles of martial arts. To learn French, Japanese, and Spanish fluently and to brush up on my ASL. An addded language would be Gaelic(this one could also go to the ten year plan as I am realistic).

2) 10 year plan- Successful business(apothecary), have enough experience to devote time to volunteering to do forensic art for an organization to help poorer families find their missing children and loved ones(mostly for the kids to be honest). Also in ten years I wish to have on top of this, a degree in law and another goal is to not only own a home and some land to be able to pass on to my kids and grandchildren long after I pass, but to also have a side law business "on income". By this time I have hopes to have expanded my business and begun plans for a degree in psychiatry/counseling. To know Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, french, Spanish, British English, Japanese, and at least one dialect of Chinese.

3) 20 year plan- For my apothecary business to be very successful and well known, to have raised my children well and know they are bright young men out in this world who will know right from wrong and live with honor(this one was obvious in my mind so I figured it wasn't too personal), to have become a 3rd degree(and a high priestess- by both credentials and the merits of my religion's spiritual belief's-the degree in psychiatry or counseling is generally a very suggested credential for this to be recognized in today's society), to have mastered at least 3 forms of martial arts, to be able to apply for a job with the embassy. also to learn more languages as I so learn of them, such as hebrew, or ancient Egyptian. I leave this part of my goals to be flexible as you never know what could happen(I could end up changing the order of them, or needing one more than another, or simply put, moving on to the next one too quickly for this to keep up).

A majority of my family goals were left out, as I believe they should go without saying. My ultimate goal is to achieve this while being a loving and attentive mother, so all that goes with that should go without saying.

I took several different tests and found them to be inconsistent.

First one gave me "INTJ", second one gave me "INTJ" again, and the third one gave me "ENFJ"- ENFJ: "Pedagogue".

I do not agree or disagree with most of it, although the second one took it pretty far, categorizing me as a "mastermind" however it also said my type only makes up 2.1% of the complete and totaled population. I am further described as a slightly expressed introvert, moderately expressed intuitive, slightly expressed thinking, and slightly expressed judging. According to these I am also an outstanding leader, and a bit dedicated to helping others be the best and reach their own full potential.

The third one said I was in the 5%. either way it is saying I ride the short bus of society(a bad joke I know but I am laughing-for those who don't know it is a joke about being special). I disagree. I am not some sort of special and not common type.

To be perfectly honest, I am a bit on the "preachy" side when it comes to helping my friends be their best, but I also hate being walked on or taken advantage of. as for the slightly express and whatnot, I niether agree nor disagree. It would be pointless. as for the leading business... I don't care for what the power of it does to people. I just want to walk my own path, live in peace, reach my goals, raise my family, and not become some corrupt power hungry fool(and their is the judgmental side... see?). I strive to live and let live, and live a balanced life filled with positive energy, honor, and positive energy, but I am also realistic and realize my plans can change at any point to fit current reality. I don't see this in here... you would think that would be important. Anyway, the mastermind thing is all something to laugh at to me. Me? Oh hell no. If I was a master mind I wouldn't get into so many odd situation's in life where I need help, I would simply "mastermind" my way around them and scoot effortlessly through life... to call any human a mastermind is a fools aspiration. The only thing we are masterminds of is thinking we are more important than other creatures in creation. I enjoy studying and have always enjoyed philosophy, foreign cultures, and languages... oh yes, old stories passed down by word of mouth or writing but I have always loved such things.

anyway, the point is, I am way too honest to be a mastermind of anything. a mastermind would know how to keep their trap shut.

In all honesty, I have no idea what this has to do with "the price of apples" as my mother would have said. I will succeed regardless of obstacles, and if that is my human arrogance, then so be it, I will still do it all.

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