Sunday, February 5, 2012

new word

I decided to make up a new word today... a word to describe my brother.

Now, he swears he isn't gay or bisexual... "straight" is what he says.

He has no girlfriend(that he has ever mentioned and when I ask he always says no anyway), and spends all of his time with non sexual friend encounters and... cars. My brother has loved cars more than life itself since we were kids. Hot-wheels were his amazing toy, like catnip for cats. as a baby the only thing that could get him to sit still was NASCAR... ironically now something he is proud to watch.

No surprise, my bother grew up to be a mechanic and has pretty much built more than one of his own vehicles... oh sorry "restore" or is it "splice" with the way he makes improvements... I am not a car geek... but I am a geek.

Anyway, the word is... "Carsexual".

Anisexual  can be used for otaku who fall under the "obviously never will mate" anime otaku category... the term is interchangeable with anything the person does to keep out of dating or basically that is more interesting than their respectively appealing gender preference.

should I send this to Websters and then tease him some more... their is now a word to describe my brother and anyone like him... Carsexual.

*laughing maniacally* My brother would so kill me... *rubs hands together* bring it!

stress does odd things to a person doesn't it?


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