Wednesday, February 8, 2012

double booked it

I double booked my day today... I forgot it was Wednesday. I had a previous appointment.

So I am waiting for her call back... take a look at my newest vid today. ^-^

(edited-warning this is a rant)

 Today I am also adding in. When my husband was taken away for domestic violence I wasn't the only woman on that police report saying the same shit. Our roommate was too. The officer took him outside and asked him a single question before he decided to take him... and I was shocked he asked to be honest... "why did you rape your wife?" and you know what.... all he did was blubber and promise every promise of change and cry the river of "I don't know why" "never do it again"... this officer had been out here before. This wasn't just some little argument where i decided to just one day get him out for no good reason. It had escalated.

So you know... after months of working on myself and studying what I need to know(some are actually old counseling notes form old counselors I have had-go figure), and working on myself I was finally able to just let it all loose in email. His complete lack of contact with the kids, his abuse of me, everything he did. I did it, and I thought I made it pretty clear to him... though in person I am still skittish(who wouldn't be)... I pressed charges, got my family safe from him, and have finally faced this... I am even willing to stand in the same room as him providing it is a public place... but only for the kids.

I grew a pair and while I am still learning and will be starting classes to help me avoid ending up with anyone like that in the future(though I don't ever plan on dating ever again)... I will file for divorce as soon as I figure out how. He took and took our entire marriage. He lived off of my disability, made me get rid of my Christmas tree, some of my movies, my things... and stole money from the kids piggy bank for what I never found out to be honest. That was supposed to be for things they needed and for Christmas and birthdays. He stole from babies! Then when I finally got money set aside for cloths he whined. I have had two kids and during that time i can count 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of maternity pants, a skirt, and a single shirt... oh yeah and a pair of shoes because I had no other choice.

When we went to buy shoes he bugged for a pair and I had to NOT get the ones I had my eyes on because he wanted to spend more than his share of that part of the budget(even though his shoes were fine), and he got this vastly expensive pair... I was pregnant with swollen feet and his reasoning for him needing the pair was they were comfortable for him and his had damage. my husband is spoiled. His idea of damage is what stocks  goodwill with perfectly nice things! He got an entire wardrobe during our marriage... he got cloths when he needed them, I repaired them when he destroyed them, and right after I had bought him NEW pants and shirts... he ran to relatives and came back with a pile of cloths!

OMFG! He is a real piece of work.

The police report should have two women on it, not just me. I will forever applaud that officer(in my head-I dont' think it would seem sane to do so out loud) because by taking my husband away in cuffs, he helped me keep my family safe in the future. 

And for the record, the police were called on him for threatening to kill himself before... could have also been crisis. To be honest... the reason will always be the last thing on my mind. My concern was keeping the kids away from it. He went deep end "coo coo" crazy!


One more thing. He pulled the no contact stunt before on another kid he played daddy to for well over the 6 months and they lived together for that time. He was supposed to be in contact with the child, and claimed the same things I heard were being said when i called back a number that first called me and hung up when i picked up. Let me just say this. My messages are not full, whoever calls me gets called back if I am not here to answer it, and for the record, the answering machine has been BROKEN for about 3 weeks now and yet I get back to those who call. If I am not getting back to someone it is because they have not called. My answering machine was never full at any point in time. He knew he had freedom to just call me up and I would get back to him with the nearest date the third party supervisor (my grandfather and my roommate did this together before she stopped taking her medications-then... well... she is gone isn't she?), and I think the most he ever had to go was 5 days for waiting as my grandfather is busy in his retirement. I payed for gas and expenses for the kids to eat their meal and for my supervisors to eat something(nothing too big but yeah), the only person i didn't pay for was him, and since i was looking at kid related expenses that were vastly more important and he wasn't helping at ALL... sorry, but I am not sorry for not paying for his meal too.

This man is an abuser. PFT! Watch out ladies! He talks sweet but you just deny him enough times and he gets pushy, then keep holding your ground and see what happens. ..... he told me once this had happened before and after a year it left his record. At the time we didn't have problems. in retrospect, that may have been him telling me what he was about to do... but to me that makes absolutely no sense.

Anyway... I contested the "go away after a year" clause on it and as such, he better be smart enough to never do this again cuz when the judge sees a prior on his record that won't end pretty for him. I was terrified and had no clue if(still don't) if what he said was true... one question though. why would you tell your wife you had such a thing if you didn't? UG!

This rant was brought to you by the email where he says I filed a false police report and he is innocent... and completely forgets our roommate is on that report too... he tormented her too in enough ways the officer considered it part of it and had witnessed enough. To be honest, I honestly thought at one point, he was going to haul off and kill me. Still alive obviously. the point being... their is paper work to collaborate my story... yet I get to deal with the stupid remarks and whatnot?! Oh if they wanna keep going I could just... hm... I so should. I should get the report and carry a stack of copies for family and friends who come up and say shit. some of it is pretty wild and out their. hey... this is because I am sick and tired of it.

Next person who says anything... I am just going to tell them to look it up as it should be public record.

OK, rant over. thanks to anyone who put up with it and therefore listened. ^-^


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