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This is my assignment for school. If one pays attention they will notice how I seemingly contradict myself. I will draw your attention to the fact that it is only that such things are merely more confusing to explain than to understand and that it is both and as such, is not a contradiction. that is why at times, my writing seems to contradict when i explain something big... because in my brain I do not understand how to explain it and have attempted many times to find words to explain that it is both as socially, it is confusing. again, the concept itself is easy... the way others choose to take it, is not.

please read and I hope you enjoy it. a peak into how my mind works.


Analysis or to analyze is to objectively pick apart something a way that "figures" it out. It can be argued that analysis is merely a human illusion.

To analysis is often misconstrued for assessment. to assess a sitchuation and to analyze are two different things. to analyze is to use purely logistics and facts. to assess means opinions may be added, observations. though very similar one who is analyzing a situation could look at a candle and analyze it will take "3.3 minutes" for that type of wick to burn with that type of wax and become what will no longer be a candle. To analyze means this person will have already figured out the finer points, right down to how the wax itself effects. one who analyzes may even attempt to figure out how the wax and the wick were made that way and thus learn much.

A very similar style would be to assess, logically these two things should be the same however generally to assess means a broader picture. someone who assesses must do so quickly with little to no information and must make split second decisions. while analysis is possible for such, in this lesser form is is considered to merely be an assessment.

they are generally the same and yet they are not merely because of how the word is used.

As a writer one would know this, or one might not. either way both are needed to figure out how your writing will effect your reader. to say analyze will insinuate a more precise grasp of the situation, to say "assess" will incinuate the room for flaws in the general appearance. the use of these can influence many things. to word the truth you can make it sound lie, to word a lie can be made sound truth. It is our subconscious that generally decides which one we as people use, and thus, that is what one must look for while reading... because this influences the feeling you give your readers. to switch up the two words assess and analysis you can give your readers the feeling that your character has not missed anything or has, depending on the character as a whole, either could work but inherently these are generally the messages the words usage send.

for a character who is very dependable, to use the word "analyze" can make them seem more serious, and thus if they miss something it increases the brains "surprise" and excitement factors when dealing with the story itself.

in retrospect, this should be taken as a brief assessment of what goes through my own brain when analyzing. To answer the questions in this way, is the only way I can do such without giving everyone here a head ache. everything in writing has an effect on the one who reads it, from the tint of the paper to the i dotted on any page. you need all these things. some do such automatically and thus have talent. some need to pay attention and thus must work harder to succeed in writing. for those either kind, an editing time is needed because as everything effects the readers so does it effect the writer and the readers impression of said writer. May this be sufficient?


hope you enjoyed it. I am told when I manage to find proper wording i give others head aches as it is too hard to understand. I hope I did not revert too much into how my mind works in too much detail... it tend to... well I was told that was bad. same person also told me my horrible habit of diverting languages while singing or excited/overwhelmed was bad and thus I now revert to being unable to form words at times out of fear. I had trouble singing after this person too. to me, words are useless... as anything but tools of expression. expression is possible without them as such... why would my music need linguistics when it is already able to be understood where it counts? that was my logic... even when I am alone I can't do it for too long now. he made me afraid of my own voice. my brother told me he wanted to hear me sing again... my children loved to hear me sing... as such, for my brother and for my children, that is why i sing... however... is a bird without wings running on the ground... really still a bird?

think on that last one... I do love my philosophy...


PS: in this world both assessment and analysis  are necessary. for a situation that is in a war zone the ability to accurately assess can be crucial. for the area behind a desk logistics are needed... yet those who can do both in all sitchuations are the most amazing ever. My papa was one of those. ^.^ those who can do both can walk into anything and come out alive... anything save self sacrifice. my father survived much... only to die before his daughters eyes. in this way... it can also be surmised, this is why analysis is not all powerful. both heart and head are necessary. assessment and analysis are in ones head. when the time comes, everyone has a moment where their heart takes over and they make a sacrifice that is logically not sound. a child cannot contribute to a mission or to their anything really much until much later in life... thus, the logistics of sacrificing oneself for a child are flawed. that lack of logistics is also what should never even be attempted to be erased in any being... because it is what separates a monster from a living breathing being. the absence of one or the other makes for a life that is not complete... a human cannot survive without a heart, but without a brain can end up missing something and ending up dead. in this way... my philosophy is that both are needed. my papa... he was my hero even when he was alive and someday I will finish a story I am writing... in this story he is alive... in this story I just think he is dead and he is watching over me... because everyone has a fantasy. I never wanted him to die and saving me out their where logically I could have just died anyway... displays his lack of logic... something as a navy seal(I know this by a faint memory where I told my mom I wanted to be a seal just like my father-I apparently thought a navy seal was something that could turn into a seal-kids huh) he should have thought prominent from his training. This thus proves... the heart is never absent. That is what separates those who forget why they fight and deal with the pain... from those who become monsters on the battlefield. I must admit... while I would prefer my father alive... could he have lived if I had died? I was his little girl... and thus, emotion takes over for logic. for that reason... despite my mothers please i learn to follow my heart... it is my father who truly taught me what that meant. if the time comes for me to make a similar decision though... I will live if for no other reason than to avoid the pain left in the big hearts in my little precious ones bodies... may my children never feel that pain or cry those tears of such loss... everything we miss when we die too soon... no matter how bad things get one must live because the only constant in life is change. even if things get so bad I should die... I will live because I want to know... when it will get better and i want to know... what is around that corner, just like... those stories papa used to tell me and that tree I promised I would climb. someday I will go back to that place... just to keep my promise. I was probably no older than 2 years old... but my father taught me honor, and honor is keeping your promises... no matter how long it takes.

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