Wednesday, March 7, 2012


They call this article "5 things you didn't know about chocolate"....
I call it "5 reasons women didn't need to love chocolate-but could easily use to break their 'diet' and eat it anyway"

As if anybody needed more reasons to love chocolate.

Now... I must point out, it even states in the awesomeness that is chocolate that it was a cure all for the Mayans and CURRENCY for the Aztecs.

we already knew it was healthy for you... women were ahead of those lab coat wearing.... erm... scientists.... a long time ago! We KNEW! The Aztecs and Mayans also knew. it is THEM who thinks this is news! *highly amused* Silly scientists. This is just proof that you can't explain everything and the things you can't should be left to those who know the "proof" that it works doesn't matter how it works. I can state several different scientific ways it helps... I just don't care. It works. Who cares why. It does and that is that. Chocolate needs no explanation. Chocolate is the explanation and the solution. Chocolate is chocolate. lol

I agree with the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Chocolate is just that awesome.


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