Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Not everything goes into this blog. Their is much that will never be said here or even in my online diary... maybe someday in my written one.

I walked from around 9 miles between last night and today........ I even applied at the place I was suggested to apply at. Turned out to be a couple of factories. If I am willing to do insane walks that have my legs bruised and my body in a helluva lot of pain more than usual... why wouldn't I be willing to work hard in a factory or whatnot? *honest logic*

Had my interview at Starbucks this afternoon... won't know if I got it for another week... I hope I did.

I also hope I got the walmart one... but I honestly am not holding my breath. Just because you want something doesn't mean you get it. It just means you WANT to get it.

I need to log on tonight... for my tarot reading.

I am about to lose everything... so... if I don't post for awhile... wish me luck.


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