Sunday, March 18, 2012


     Figured out how to get my flash files formatted to load on You-Tube but the background color is apparently non negotiable unless I can figure out how to change it. the file is only a couple second shy of being a full minute and I am rather proud of myself despite the not so greatness of the art. I wish to load it before the day it gone. Since the way I have to do it involves loading it into yet another program first... I am going to use that program to add music to it... music of my own composition. sorry, I don't own an instrument and even if I did I would have to sell it.

I have not spent oodles of time on this video and a lot less than I would have liked at that. It is my first video done in completion, entirely flash animated and entirely hand done... well mouse done(a very sticky and annoying mouse that was responsible for many a mistakes I had to fix). I have spent minimal time on it... but I am just putting finishing touched on it now, probably the most time consuming part. It is something enjoyable to do while awaiting calls from work. Ah... that would be the fucked up part... I work over the phone but was unable to pay my phone bill... my job honestly doesn't generate enough income and while tarot reading over the phone is a good secondary income... it is not really good for paying all the bills.

almost done, will put it either in this post or the next one.

the most time consuming part is waiting for my computer to unfreeze every-time the program is too much for it.  my old computer... *pats computer fondly* I have had her since about freshman year in high school.... i think that's about right... I was 14 I think.... now I am 23. I keep on forgetting about that. I have always felt old... one day doesn't make me feel any older than I already do. crappy past will do that to you, ya know.

anyway... back to the finishing up... xp

wait... is this my first video with animation or my second? does making a bunch of odd drawings and using only effects to make it semi interesting on  windows movie maker and posting it to YouTube count as my first animation or does this? *shakes head* I don't know.


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