Saturday, March 17, 2012


girl: I am sad. so much happened. My family hates me.

girl's family: We don't hate you, now go tell someone who cares and shut up while we hurt you. SOMEONE GIVE HER MEDICATIONS TO SHUT HER UP!

society: we are sure your family loves you! OMG! a kid who came to school dirty!

mental health system: the fault is with you, heres a pill to cure your feelings. don't stop taking it or bad things will happen and we will make you continue taking them anyway.

unnamed group: we can only help if someone says something.
girl:   someone help me. the pills don't make me better, they add problems.

girls family:    but we like you this way, you complain less.

girl: why do you hate me?

girls family: we don't hate you. we just do actions that either indicate hate or that you are not worth iether emotion on a regular basis because we love you. we like the things you see and hear because they make you easier to make OUR toy! you are our toy because we love you!
girl: Someone help me. the pills don't make me better, they add problems.

society: Since your on the pills we assume you need them and will not help as we do not think their is any need to help. Why should we help?

girl: Why would you assume I need them just because I am on them? why won't you help?

society: because the people who prescribe them have a piece of paper saying they are certified to decide that so they must know something we don't. besides, if you need help you should turn to your family.

girl: ........... they wont help.

society: then their must be no problem.

girl:.............. it is useless to continue this.

society: OMG someone who is using a parenting method I DON"T like or a person I hate! Must. put my nose in and push my opinion!

girl: don't you think this is wrong?

society: *ignores girl*

girl......... this is so screwed up.

society: WHAT?!!!! *reports girl to mental health system for not agreeing with them but words it in a way that makes the problem not with what they do*

girl: this is wrong.

society: your just crazy.


society: we don't have to listen to you because you are crazy.

girl: *runs to a place she knows will never be home where she is hurt*
Girl: I don't want to be here.

mental health system: That is because your judgement is clouded.

girl: I don't want to be here because I don't need to be and never had any...

girls family: *cuts girl off* Give her more medication. she has everything you told us about. pay no attention to that fact that she is a child who can speak for herself, only listen to us.

girl: *tries to speak up but goes unheard*

mental health system: of course. you can't expect the girl to tell us what is wrong. as her family you obvious know her better and thus we will ignore the obvious signs of abuse that we should have called someone the moment we saw. we will ignore that you have a reason and members of our crew and everyone else will take the same stance as general society.

girl: is held in place as medications are forced down throat when defies them and all please fall on ears attached to mouths saying "your crazy, you need this. doctors can't make mistakes."*
girl:    please stop hurting me.

girls family:    hush. nobody is hurting you, now hold still while we do actions we will deny later but will show up on your skin and in your mind for the rest of your life. pay attention to the dillusions because after we are done we will blame those.

girl: I don't want dillusions. can't you just take me off of the things that make me have them? the things I see and hear are scary and horrible! Isn't life hard enough?

mental health system:    you came here to us asking for help and now you must take what we give you. it is us who decides what help is. you must be lying as our help could never hurt anyone and since previous history exists... I can't believe you. I have to believe your family and these records.

girl: I never wanted this and never came here asking for help! I want help getting away from here!

mental health system: here is another pill, now shut up crazy girl.
girl: ................

girls family: *does various horrible acts to girl like in beginning but is happier knowing girl will never be believed because girl has a label* why won't your difference leave you?! no matter how many times we beat you, it won't go away!

girl:................ difference? but I thought I was just like everyone else.

girls family: we don't hate you. we hate the way you were born. we are sure you are perfectly great without it.

girl: but I have never been without whatever it is. it is part of me.

girls family: until you are like us we will never love you.

girl: I don't want to be like you. I don't want to hurt people! this is wrong!

girls family: *beats girl within inch of life and does other atrocious acts knowing that during summer vacation no school the next day will see it*

mental health system: if you don't tell us the problem we can't help.

girl: last time I tried to tell you you made matters worse and didn't listen.

mental health system: we won't do it again, we promise.

girl: that's what you always say.

mental health system: then we will talk to your family and end up making matters worse anyway.

girl: ...........!!!!!!!!! NO!

mental health system: yes? do you finally want to be here?

girl: no.

mental health system: we can only help you if you want to be helped and must make you wish for our help that is not help.

girl: it doesn't matter what I say, you will never listen.

mental health system: oh we listen, and it does matter. we just reserve the right to hear whatever we want to in your words and turn to your family when we can't misinterpret.

girl: I am not gonna talk to you anymore.

mental health system: why?

girl: because my family shouldn't be in here.

girls family: yes we should. oh doctors she needs help, please give her more pills!


society: oh look, it's a girl who is not like us!

girl: ................................

society: speak to us girl!

girl: *remembers promise about brother and can't keep being quiet* I hate you.

society: what? why?

girl: if I tell you, you will just do it again.

society: oh, so no reason. teenaged angst then. OMG! some celebrity has just killed herself due to our horrible words and judgments! We must find fault in her behavior and tragic choices completely forgetting we are the reason she did it!

girl:....... this is wrong.

society: *ignores girl*


girls family: speak.

girl: their is nothing worth saying.

girls family: your mother was a whore and your daddy was an alcoholic.

girl: no they were not. my mom was kind and listened even if she hated what was being said and my dad was the strongest, most honorable person alive!

girls family:   no. he rescued her from us and had to die.

girl: they would have never done this to me!

girls family: we are not them.

girl: can't stop crying.

girls family: we will give you a reason to cry.

girl: *keeps crying knowing that even if she stops the reason will be given because weakness was shown*

girls family: defective child. *gives girl a reason to cry*

girl: *unconscious*

girls family: we will have to have them put her on medications. can't have her continuing to have her own mind now can we?


mental health system:.....................

girl: *pretends she is fine*

mental health system: *makes no changes*

girl: *thinking "at least they didn't make it worse this time"*

girl: years of therapy to talk about my past... and nobody wants to believe it. oh well.

society: your crazy. we never ignore anyone who needs us. we just think everyone elses business is our own.

unnamed group: you will become like them. stop talking about it and we may allow you the right to family. we will make sure you never have it.

girl: but I can't! the silence is too much!

society: go to therapy. they will help you.

unnamed group: go to therapy and go back to the hell that was your life growing up. it is not cared what it does to you, merely that it is socially acceptable that since you have a diagnosis that you must be on pills. it is not cared that you will become suicidal and see/hear dillusions, and it doesn't matter that you think this is wrong. we think this is right and we will accuse you of not understanding because since you have a diagnosis, we can.

girl: I hope that one day karma bites you in the ass! please somebody help me!

society group 1: we can't help. we will pay for it if we do.

society group 2: must deserve it. won't even look closely.

society group 3: unknown thoughts but content to do nothing while pretending to be helpful in some capacity and hindering instead.

girl: Please help!

unknown group: destroys everything girl worked so hard to get in a good place and ransacks life saying because they are who they are they can do whatever they want.

girl: STOP IT! someone please help! someone please make them stop it! this is wrong!

unknown group: resistance is futile. we always win.

girl: stop! NO! THIS IS WRONG!

unknown group: do everything we say and you can live your feeble  life with a tiny hope we will put things back as they should be but we live to destroy. any lie we tell will be believed. any time you cry out will be seen as a lie.... but we will tell you none of this. we will just tell you we can do whatever we want because we are who we are and your family is in our hands. resist and never see them again.

girl: I will do whatever you say. *does it*

unknown group: you did everything in your power and we commend you, however because the mental health system didn't do their job we need too add more onto your list of things to do so we don't look like complete bastards who are doing this for no good reason, besides... it doesn't matter that if anyone looked closer they could easily find the lies and it doesn't matter that the authorities we claim are involved deny it, nobody will believe you.

girl: someone please help me. *is ignored by people who shoudl help and even have jobs ass to such effect and lied to and hindered and stopped*

unknown group: now we must hold up the illusions of not being complete bastards. we must cover our asses at yours and your families expense. do what we say.

girl: I am trying! things keep on getting in my way!

unknown group: that is your fault not ours.

girl: their is a special place in the deepest Pitts of the darkest place in the afterlife for those who use such power over another for such harm.

unknown group: yeah yeah, we don't see our harm and will not believe this no matter what. just shut up and stop talking/dealing with/about your past. we ask this because we know it is impossible and you told us such. we don't care. we agree with society. we would have been involved if it had been needed.

girl: you are not needed.

unknown group: we are needed because we create our own need for our own jobs.-oops, we resulted in your family being hurt while in our care, but nobody will do anything about it.

girl: *gets on her hands and knees and begs for her families safety*

unknown group: we will make excuses and hide our mistakes but because you are so pathetic and if we kill your family we will look bad, we will comply.

girl: I don't care what you say or make others think as long as they are safe. they are all I have.

unknown group: we don't care. if we admit we did wrongly we will look bad and we can't afford to look bad because everyone hates us for what we do. we are who we are and that is all that keeps us safe. it doesn't matter that we did do wrongly, only that we did.

girl: *gets told speaking up and giving information is illegal but not told what is considered informative and what is not no matter how many times asks* ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why didn't anyone tell me that?!

unknown group. told you to shut up.

girl: you told me a LOT of things, most of which had no grounding in reality! and you threatened my family and held their safety over my head! HOW was I supposed to rely on ANYTHING you said?! YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY WITH ME because I care about what is true and what is not!

unknown group: oh well. we will play with your helpless little existence to our hearts content because we can and nobody will stop us.

girl: this is wrong.

society: we will ignore the entire thing for our own individual reasons.

girl: I dont' care what your reasons are. this is wrong and it is wrong to ignore it!

society: just shut up like a good girl.

girl: I am stupid and still hold some shred of hope.

unknown group/society: we will endeavor to destroy this hope as a whole. by the time we are through with you, everything will be so bad you will die of heartbreak.

girl: knowing myself I will take my own life the moment you solidify their is no hope. I also know that if I tell you that... you will assume I am planning it. I am not, and in fact do not want to die. I just know that I will do it. if you stop me, I will just lie down and stop living. eventually I will die as a result and be able to watch over my family from wherever I end up. I have dealt thus far without family or friends and those who have promised to help have not. my blood will not stain my own hands even though it physically will... because you will have killed me from the inside out until all that is truly left is either death or a body that lives while mind and heart are gone. The death that will be had will be worse than physical death. those who think that makign soemone else do it makes it not their responsibility... that it means the blood is on the persons own hands... they are wrong. as things stand, I will die and anyone who hears that will assume I am depressed. I give up. nomatter what I say everyone will draw their conclusions and contribute to the problem. I know I shouldn't wish anything bad on anyone but... I will struggle with my path for those who are on it with me and ignore things. I will slowly die form the inside out and if I tell anyone it will be assumed it is "just a mood"... when all the "remedy" for that would do is kill me faster.
Just a skit I wrote. It contains concepts that are probably highly overgeneralized.

just a skit. no need to look any deeper or assume it is anything else.

absolutely none.

obviously the lines in it are time skips... just the rough draft.


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