Sunday, March 4, 2012


 I will be blunt. I drew this while I was in high school, before family made me give up my dreams. They didn't need a lie to get me in... but now that I am hearing that employers and whatnot will see it badly.... I am wondering about my decision.

Downside to weight loss

The heater is on and the temp says it is fine... but I am freezing my ass off!

I am covered in blankets and freezing my ass off.

I have checked my temp and all possibilities otherwise.

I have checked to make sure it is actually me being cold and not just thinking I am cold(because years of mental health system have made me check, after awhile you wonder).

My hands are like ice. I am actually cold.


hot ramen and hot coco.


my heater...

so far only the ramen and coco seem to make much difference.

I would hate to know what would happen if it was really a cold temp in here.

My youngest got his easily influenced temperature from me.

I have been losing weight and therefore "insulation".

For those who lose weight or are looking to lose weight, invest in a heater.

I live in the desert and my ass is about frozen. Think of those who live in less warm climates.

I even turned up the heater.

Make a note. to every side of the fence is a downside. those with the insulation are warmer. those who do not have as much are not so warm... but are incidentally cooler come summer.

because I lost so much in such a short time... my body hasn't adjusted to the change. I suppose in time I will either get used to it, my body will adjust, or I will simply put-invest in more blankets and turn the heater up higher.

for now, I have to deal with it. it is sometimes worse than others. incidentally when I wake up from sleep I am fine. I have always been like that though.

*still cold*

hm... time to turn it up again.

Incidentally, I should note I used to enjoy the heat at times growing up. when I was put on a medication that made me gain weight no matter what I did(I even starved myself and tried puking), I didn't lose weight.

Now I just eat the way I should(healthy), and exercise normally. Been dropping the pounds. I never told my husband(or anyone that I know of really) about the heat thing(enjoying it when I was a kid, I did tell him about the thing where I once handled cold really well... but that was from practice-I learned to ignore it-not practiced anymore!)... I am a bit "cold blooded"... my emotions are not the only thing sensitive about me. the downside is I am also sensitive to heat and cold(brr). As long as I drink plenty of water I am typically fine though. the bright side is this probably means I can handle more of the heat aspect of summer now.

The downside... I am FREEZING MY ASS OFF right now.

thank you

I hope this blog was amusing

have a nice day


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