Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I got an interview tomorrow afternoon after some things I need to do and appointments I have.

I am excited.

I am a bit nervous as it is telemarketing... but... ^-^

I posted a story to I don't usually do that. It is apparently a very likable story. I have several notifications that people have marked it to be alerted when I update and that makes me happy. I like my writing being enjoyed. My reactions to the reviews were less than dignified and no less than spazzoid excitement of doom(dun dun DUN)... I had to fix my shirt after jumping up and down in pure excitement. Someone liked my details. ^-^ XD ^-^ XP ^-^ I actually spell check that stuff too. I just leave my blog as is most times.

I have blisters on my feet(they happen pretty quickly and they hurt but generally I try not to complain about it)... so I ended up staying in and filling out applications online(they aren't too bad but I know that tomorrow i will be doing lots of walking).... you would be surprised but just when you think you have applied everywhere... you find a place you haven't.

I have applied at Burger king, Circle K, McDonald's, Taco bell, Starbucks(my first job WAS a coffee shop and bakery!-they also had some substantial regular restaurant items as well), and a variety of other places. fry's and other such places are among them. It isn't like I have not been trying!

Anyway... I am a bit nervous about this job. Telemarketing... I am afraid I will suck at it. I am also afraid of the general... hate of telemarketers.

Still looking for my log in info for my tarot job... that is frustrating... *pouts* my email thingy doesn't seem to wanna pull up the email with it... keeps on popping up anything BUT that one... it is doing it with other searches too. those quirks usually are over within a few days or so.... kinda like zynga and vampire wars on Facebook... the glitches do resolve. Besides... yahoo doesn't fritz often for me. Might just be my computer. either way it is an annoyance.

I am excited. I hope the strike is over... somehow I doubt that. I will just have to figure it out if it isn't... but for now I will bask in the awesomeness that is the fanfiction community! yes-I am a nerd. I am OK with being a nerd.

oh crap... math homework... I hate math... *whining*... the things I do in life... but hey... at least I am doing it even if I am whining about it on here... and in my head... I am whining with a grin on my face. even when life sucks, having a reason to smile is key even when their may not be anything to smile about at all. Smiling keeps you sane... it is why I crack stupid jokes in attempts to lift the tension.

Speaking of which... that poor lady who got me while nervous by the bus a few days ago. I am very talkative... especially when nervous. Probably talked the poor girls ears off!

And apparently having less stuff means the kitties have more room to climb things and knock them over. I just had to catch my favorite vase from being smashed to itty bitty BITS! Their was a brief scream as I startled... but I caught it... my reflexes are JUST fine... I can so picture someone going "reflex check!"... yeah my head involves lots of imagination land... well to combat the crappiness that is my past... imagination land had to be interesting to keep my mind off of things... didn't it?

OK... OH SHIT! I forgot! I am supposed to send a message letting someone know how something went! EEP!



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