Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have this blaring question in my brain... it is stupid but much easier to focus on than all the tough crap I am going through.

What is a "sub"?


Then it struck me... I have play lists of vids I like for whatever reason............... is that a sub?

But they are honest likes........ I honestly like them. if I don't like a vid I don't say anything or put it in a list and move on with my life. If I like it..... I put it on a list. some vids end up(on accident) on more than one list. I usually stick with amv's... never sure if blogging people would appreciate something like that.

My favorite blogs are done by Mr. safety... the one with Sparta and Loki, Cory.... katers 17 is usually pretty funny too. not always my thing, sorry. actually discovered Cory cuz I had my computer on and my son came over and played with the mouse before I could get to it... it was an accidental click and it actually got him to sit still... the mean kitty song. easiest way in the world to get dishes done... turn on mean kitty. of course I always explained that those are actually nice kitties... who were mean and scratched sometimes. We have two kitties and my oldest has this obsession, his first word was even "kitty".... he loves cats. ^-^

alternate channels exist for both of those.

My other favorite blog is The greatest ever... link 

he seems pretty nice and well.... to be honest I don't really watch many blogs. 



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