Monday, March 19, 2012


I have been studying my math... but am still not at the level to be in the class I am in. I started from scratch. funniest part... doing math in my head on a basic level comes naturally to me(though I am not quick about it)... and I never paid it any mind... just kinda took it as being able to suddenly do simple stuff I do know in my head.

on medication even 2+2=4 was written down because my brain couldn't process it.

I am good on my addition, subtraction... and I can do basic multiplication and division(very basic on division, I still dumb it down in my head and use visuals)... basically I can apply it to life but am useless in a classroom for it.

-.- So I have been learning fractions and now have a solid understanding of decimals(besides money)... lets just say I am nowhere near being able to comprehend the question "what is the square root of pie" let alone anything else... hell I just learned my fractions! I couldn't retain anything on medication... but math was the worst because it requires me to place all of my attention on it and have a sharp mind... dull witted on medications...... I didn't get it. I couldn't get it. it was frustrating.

 My spanish is going good too... I kinda have an idea of some things I see written thus... not enough to do anything important without being able to look it up... but I am rather proud of myself.

I haven't gotten in any actual art classes yet so... all of my stuff is pretty raw... and the "digital bookshelf" is down so much that it is pretty much useless.... but I have this old math book..... and I have been looking stuff up online... so I hope to get better at it. even if I never need it... because at one point I couldn't I wanna do it because I can. ^-^ I wanna know what it is like to solve a detailed math problem and not get confused when people talk about math. I am over the "omg! this was caused by the medications too?!" and have gone straight to "this is so cool!" now I just have to figure out how to learn. I think I saw this guy on YouTube who was teaching it.... I might go their and try his system for it... better to be bored than not know at all.


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