Monday, January 16, 2012

today- fretting over seeing someone about a job

Today I am on my way out soon. I don't want to show up too early... I am not sure what looks good for a job... hope I get it, they said to turn in an application and we would "go from their"... so... crossing my fingers. oh crap... another clothing repair I missed.  I used repairing cloths to keep me in this weekend... so I wouldn't show up on Saturday or Sunday and seem... annoying. I really need this job so I am trying to do this right, even if I don't really know what that is in such a case. I am following rules typically given socially.

OK, gotta make a couple phone calls and then out the door. I am so nervous... and the shower I took missed the glitter. *sigh* I hope that isn't a problem. takes me a few days with daily showers to get it all off(can you tell I have been here before), and I am kinda weird about one place it ended up. normally I wouldn't mind if it was just me but... it is bound to draw attention! Makes it worse that the manager is male... omg... what if he thinks I am trying to hit on him or something like that?! I got a bunch down my shirt and couldn't get it off... at least it is silver.... I like silver. at least it wasn't the red glitter this time..-_-... that would REALLY go "look at me" and be even more inappropriate. I hope I am wearing the right cloths for this. AH! I forgot to put on my shoes! ............ which ones should I done for this? obviously none of the pairs my cat chews the heals of as that wouldn't look professional and would be uncomfortable anyway. I don't know if my fav shoes are appropriate but ironically those boots are the most appropriate thing I have in "nice" value. the pants are long enough... and they are ridged to have good grip walking... maybe they won't notice they are heals? I usually wear them on days an old injury needs a bit extra babying... maybe they won't notice they are heels? they are black... leather... well I think they are leather anyway. I have had them for what seems like ever.

I had a pair of shoes I got for things like this but... -_-... the "finish" on them came off. my other boots are ankle highs and are falling apart. at this point it looks like the trash bin is in their future... or I could just sew them up where they are coming apart and paint them as art work... that would be fun. I have never painted shoes before. I am at my best truly when doing something I enjoy... like painting anything but paper. I like useful art, and while they won't really be useful... maybe they will make someone smile, like that "princess cape" I made for a neighbor girl. I told her mom to let me know if she needed anything altered or fixed on it, I have never made one of those before and I am always nervous when presenting something I made.

oh shit, ranting again... oops.



PS: I hope it made whoever reads this laugh, I have been told my rants are anywhere on the spectrum form funny to annoying, particularly when I am fretting over something small and picking apart things like that to worry over... and see? now I am fretting over the relevance over this being in my blog and it's entertainment value.... and.... @.@

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