Monday, January 16, 2012

sent to another store

I was sent to another store. I was told at several places "fluent Spanish speakers only", the fact that I am learning Spanish meant nothing. Another place(game-stop up at spectrum mall) was talking to a kiddo about how he was doing interviews in the "next two weeks" as the kiddo turned in his application. I know my game systems, I know more than enough to answer peoples questions. I know my games too, gaming is just not on the top of my to do list in a day. I qualify for the job and have not been told why but this is not the first time I have applied at this store. Anyway, after telling the kid he was hiring... when I walked up closer and asked if he was hiring "accepting applications". Oh for the love of frigging FRUIT! Not the first time this has happened at various places.

I am female and I look younger than I am apparently, "you are over 18 aren't you?" is a common question. I am tired of being underestimated and will forever be thankful that that one person at the sewing shop let me do something to at least show him I could "control" a machine. To me, that is a very basic skill in sewing. The woman who spent her time teaching me to sew wouldn't have let me touch HER machine or have bought me my own unless I could. However, every machine is different and I was terrified of not doing it right. My peddle is sensitive, and he tested me on an industrial. I haven't seen one of these things in... well in movies? but I used it. I watched him to observe. My machine can't go that fast, I always break the thread when I do. I swear when I brought up making Halloween costumes for my sister growing up and how I could hem and all that jazz... I had just proven I was honest about being able to use a sewing machine... do I look like a lair? I don't think so, but I do suppose I don't look like  seamstress. I have been able to sew most of my life. My Achilles is quilting. I can make the "comfort" pillows made out of little squares but do NOT ask me to quilt. It is something of an ongoing project due to pride. I refuse to give up this stupid quilt I am making with little tiny squares but... I cannot do it for as long as it needs and because they are squares of my own design, they are designed to be made without the stuffing. basically, each individual square is time consuming in of itself.

When I am done with this quilt it is being given to my kids. as for future quilts.... no. I have never found alterations to be hard but... the ones I did on this one dress I made... a lot of it had to be done by hand because of the nature of said alterations. I hate hand sewing. don't get me wrong, I am good at it and I don't mind for buttons and whatnot... but like how this guy said he stays away from sleeves... I used to sew my barbie cloths and hand sewing never ceases to hurt my fingers, no matter how many times I do it I never form the callouses. I was however told once, I use my hands like a seamstress. she was old enough to be my grandmothers grandmother so with all due respect, I am going to assume she was around long enough to know.

I have a YOUTUBE vid uploading right now of my work as a seamstress. ignore my prattling and pay attention, and yeah, I show my seams after. since this is just a reversal of an alteration I made to accommodate me while I was pregnant and after my c sections.... I am not really concerned with how it looks too much. I wear this thing to bed mostly and in all honesty, it is designed in such a way nobody will notice even if I did.

And yeah... a neighbor sprayed again. because I sprayed not long ago, my "problem" will go away in a few days. basically it is too clean and too many parts have been sprayed for them to keep living here. no matter what I do though, the drain issue is never fixed. yeah... I am ashamed to say it but, we have a bug problem. according to the apartment managers everyone gets them out of the kitchen sink but before some people left they informed me to watch out for them in the bathroom, I was naive... I thought it would be too low to rent to someone knowing these problems are all ongoing, but nope. so yeah, at one point I squish a bug and I am ashamed to say, it is indeed a constant battle against bugs. I have these sound thingies in the walls(bug repellant basically), I have used traps, and even used "industrial" poisons(and no, I hate using poison, but my family is more important, and yeah I realize the natural stuff is out their but... money, and roaches are very tough to deal with... specifically curtain areas tend to be issues. I have a wall I have to keep stuff away from of no matter if you spray it or not, even if nothing else is infested or has them... somehow... damn fire wall. the apartments are old and have these walls that are supposed to stop the spread of fire if you have one. I reported several times this was an issue and my ex neighbor had the same problem... anything by the fire wall is subject. I hear these things can survive nuclear holocaust and with the lengths I and others have gone through... these little creepers defy logic. Honestly, if you pay attention, more than the fire wall(which from observing and studying them at times-I was the creepy entomology and aquaculture girl... I was bound to pick up some things before squishing them-entomology is the study of creepy crawly bugs and insects, they also generally include arachnids which is why I stopped doing competition-fear of spiders- seeing them plastered on the screen like that with no warning... yeah... no. aquaculture is aquatics but mostly we did fish and fish identification). anyway, the point is, one day I figured I needed to try and figure out where they kept coming from. the rug. every time you get rid of an issue in this apartment... the rug. watching the behavior of the bugs they do indeed seek refuge in the fire wall but for whatever reason do not stay their, especially now, but I know the reason for that, the bug sound thing's work to an extent. the rug... is old, and coming apart. once I asked them to fix it because it was unraveling. that was months ago... I let them know when we first noticed the issue. apparently the carpet was inappropriately installed by someone previous and had no guard to stop it form doing such. anyway, the told me to use duct tape. I have... but in all honesty it doesn't solve the issue.

when someone moves out they go in and take out the carpet, and they did something horrible in the way of refusing to fix stuff to my neighbor too. I have a list of things I have asked them to fix more than once and they have said "we will get to it when we get to it" which is never. *shakes head* They don't return my calls and they do not allow you to record personal interactions so I can't prove anything by words alone, and they don't sign off on anything... accept rent that is, of course. complaining to the persona above them results in being given a not so subtle hint of having them investigated or you move out... but of course they still get paid so basically... they tell you to shut up or they will drive you out. Look, I am not stupid, I know they have no intention of doing anything about this, and they continually blame the owner. the manager has been in my apartment when i wasn't home too. at first I dismissed some things as maybe my cats moving them but... no. I caught her as she was leaving one day. I still don't know if she knows I caught her. I was NOT happy about that. My apartment is clean, I vacuum, mop and sweep regularly. I make sure to not keep trash lying around, basic things but I keep them up. their excuse is invalid. the time I caught her, I came in and some weird dirt was sprinkled on my floor. a friend came over while I was cleaning it up. this is not the first or the last time this has happened. I told my friend it was just lucky making a mess again but... these are indoor cats, their is no way they could possibly bring in that kind of dirt... and I did inspect pieces of it, some of it was more like soil pieces you would find in gardening(I have many hobbies, gardening was a favorite growing up and still is just not to the same extent, I prefer useful plants now instead of the pretty flowers I once loved so much-too much pain in the ass for a delicate thing with little to no use besides being pretty-anyway point being those little white foam like looking things and mulch were in it... I don't have any soil as I don't have any house plants right now... this stuff was fresh too, ug... how do you explain the feel and smell of soil when it is fresh or used? anyway, the point being, I didn't just look at it and say it wasn't what I thought, I inspected  and investigated everything first before I decide the issue, this wasn't normal and her presence caught leaving my apartment made her suspect number one, and really who else has a key? nobody that I know of, I haven't given out my key-point being I am not paranoid, I actually looked into it and did research to discern the issue and then cleaned it up, the point being it is annoying and appalling they would do that and I am left to wonder why, and trust me, that wasn't all that was done-you don't wanna know and it took me awhile to clean it up-distinctly different smells... oh goodness a good nose is not always a good thing- but it is useful for knowing the difference in human and cat) my couch had been moved... and cats can't move couches. anyway, the point is, they go through a lot of trouble for little me when in reality fixing the apartment seems much easier in my mind. woudln't it just be easier if they would just fix the stuff wrong and move on instead of stooping so low?

I had no issues with this manager until she found out my religion. if that isn't her reason, I would love to hear it because she obviously made this personal. I have payed my rent and expect them to do their jobs. I am avoided like I have some disease. When they put out notices they put it on my door even if they can see I am home. they apparently only knock on a tenants door if they like them. I heard form my ex neighbor that they were telling people they wouldn't fix anything cuz it was dirty. even my ex neighbor(and we don't get along mind you) would tell you that wasn't the case. My apartment is clean. They have no such excuse and in all honesty, I have seen some of these places... they had no issue fixing one place that actually was filthy. I don't see their excuse but... I have to live with what they say and do. My own actions and words... OK, while people assuming crap is annoying at least it is my own fault for opening my mouth and assuming people would investigate before calling me crazy and not looking any deeper, but come ON, you don't have to look very far to find the truth... it is sheer laziness that I am brushed off.

As for the places I apply at... it is exceedingly annoying to know so much about body language. I can already tell you most times what line of thinking they are taking. I applied at Basha's. I don't know why but when he heard my last name the store person who is apparently something of a big cheese at this store, changed in his reactions. I couldn't read him so well... even I have my limits. I am proud of what I can do because at one point I wasn't capable of reading people at all, so I worked hard to improve. Again, that is how I live. I find an issue and find a way to either fix it or live with it. for the most part though, I keep my mouth shut because in perfect honesty... nobody likes you to point out they just told a doozy... like "4 years in the military" but only 20 years old... I was told that today. they would have had to be 16... i am not THAT bad at math.


PS: here is the link to my video.     you should read my rant at the bottom... I am still running through all the things I take for granted trying to figure out what skills exist that normal people never learned to do. I enjoy learning and always have. it was being the hated outcast nerd who wasn't allowed to have friends I hated. later on I was allowed but... by then I didn't know how to socialize "properly" so the school often just pushed me into helping with the kindergarten get the idea, instead of helping me overcome it they made it worse, while I enjoyed helping out it was... another reason to be bullied) ... so I have skills? Wow... what other jobs am I qualified to do that I don't know I am qualified to do?

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