Monday, January 23, 2012

tarot reading

I am back for the tarot reading. I just spent almost an hour talking to a lovely woman and now I am drinking tea to not only keep hydrated(and healthy as it is a good tea for overall health and wellness high in antioxidants), and help keep my voice optimum volume. this is my first night working the lines since losing my voice. I am rather proud of myself for doing so well.

other than that I have been chatting with friends, studying and doing the dreaded homework.

all in all, I think tonight is pretty good. I am working, I am drinking warm tea, and I got to talk to a friend I haven't spoken to in quite awhile. these are things I don't do very often. I tend to drink cold tea, I haven't been able to do this since the incident, and me and her have both been so busy we don't speak much anymore.

it's the middle of the night, I am kinda tired, and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.

somehow... well... I will put it to you this way. despite the drawbacks of respective work places, working puts me in a good mood. ^^ I enjoy working. I know it is weird but I AM a weirdo who enjoys studying, why should I be normal? If being weird means I enjoy working, enjoy playing with my kids, don't mind not going out to and staying home(in fact I enjoy it), enjoy being busy, and enjoy working despite the issues you are bound to have at various points(probably also weird for admitting this as well), well then, normal can kiss my rather large buttocks! I like being me so they can kiss it and get over it! if I wasn't weird like me I would be "normal like" them... and lets face it, it is hard enough to be yourself with your own problems. nobody wants the problems that come from being what someone else wants you to be.

it would simply make no sense.

anyway, laters


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