Saturday, December 31, 2011

oh shit!

I think I ruined my chances with this one job! oh shit! she said she liked my professionalism and I hadn't sent her the others yet! I do not know the first thing about being professional! Now I am sure not to get it. shit... shit! shit! shit! it is on freelancer.... and oh SHIT! I... so blew it.


On the plus side? the vid detailing an overall sample of my art work and abilities with paint and windows movie maker is on here. to be honest, yes it is me singing in it, and no... I have no idea why my mic is picking up weird stuff. my sound system sucks for this. I still have yet to figure out why it is like that. next post will be that sample, may be added to this one and may be kept in a separate post. shit... did I say shit? I was hoping to get that job... crap! why crap? because shit isn't the only word for dung.


It strikes me only now. perhaps this blog isn't all that "professional" and giving the link to her wasn't all that smart... crap! it is 98% configured.... a few more minutes and we are on!

uh... got ahead of myself... now I have to load it up and wait for it to prep... *sigh*...

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