Sunday, December 18, 2011

the face that real player made you miss(before I drew on it anyway XP) and the song....


True to the spirit of weird face I will keep being weird with make up but I am adding a video to this post in the spirit of adding my weirdness in other facets. Remembering that everyone needs a way to express their inner weird... even if they are not going through the hell on my linked video(that is really just the bare minimum of what I am going through). I was unsure wreather of not to label this more adult but have decided to leave that up to parents. their are sometimes words said parents may not like their kids to hear and my shirts sometimes allow for cleavage... the following is as adult as it gets, so please enjoy.

While some may not consider that adult... because it was sung form the heart and taken form real life experiences... I debate my willingness to expose children to such things but also acknowledge that in life, you need to know what standing by truly does. and yes... I did it after ruining my weird face make up!

Oh yes, and my mic is pretty crappy, can't handle my pitch so it gets tough to understand some stuff, the refined lyrics are written down but this is the raw version. I figured a blog with coping and weirdness shoudl have it as such.... and while I do not enjoy submitting what I consider to be half finished work...  I promised myself I would be more "spontaneous"... obviously my spontaneous needs work. all I do is pretend to be such... in reality.... I have been scolded for thinking too much.

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