Tuesday, December 27, 2011

fire and diary piece

The stuff in quotes is from my diary directly copied and pasted. and no... it is not the entire entry. every lady needs her mystery's don't you think? besides... it is a diary because it is your most personal thoughts. these just are less personal and useful to others as I use food sensitivity therapy.

"hm.... been eating lots of garlic. still have a cough, but that is actually a good sign, believe it or not(long with the puking, as I can't cough stuff up it stands to reason it comes up in puking sessions, a good thing that has ceased), my nose is not as bad either. apple juice, garlic bread(lots of it), chicken, vegis... I have made sure to balance things a bit but eat more of the things that will help me. later I have to get something besides apple juice of I am going to itch myself to death(kidding of course), as I am explicitly glad the allergy to apple juice I have is minor. I have noticed that over time, the same thing being used has lessened the effect it has and increased the amount needed. orange juice is no longer as effective. I will have to use it less. Bread doesn't stay in my system at all so... I am glad for it right now. I do not need to gain any more weight that is for sure. I hope the boys are alright."

for those of you who don't know, garlic is good for your immune system and for helping you get better when you are sick, as is onion. just remember, while I know these things, I am not a doctor. do look these things up before you decide to utilize them. and pay attention to how foods you eat effect you, you may be surprised to find the simplest things to be sources of many things within yourself, or lack thereof. to be honest, I use food sensitivity therapy for over all health. I am so sensitive to everything that it is almost a requirement to be any form of healthy and alive. my doc is pretty new so we have not talked about it yet. not my last one either... he was more content to just not treat  me at all really... in the past I have been far too accepting of this attitude towards my health. taking into account my previous experiences with some doctors... that is understandable, though I have not previously talked too much on it in this blog. who knows... I will probably end up doing so later.

here is a vid I taped awhile back.


I find it rather amusing... perhaps I will do it again one of these days. ^^ yeah... I was rather excited about it. do not be afraid to laugh... remember. YouTube and my blog are my outlets for my spazzoidness and weirdness.

today I meant to call the unbundsman but got caught up in a late job app(I didn't notice the time when I started and didn't look till it was over) for circle K. I have attempted to reach curtain people and got no luck. as for the ombudsman... I had not thought of it right away as in the past, this has yielding nill. hopefully they will be unable to ignore that even the police deny what is in that paperwork. Not only did I call them myself, anyone who asked for the information to do so themselves will be given the information to do so. if they give you trouble, I will have to see if my phone has three way... yes, to prove this, I will stop at nothing that will not harm my children. you want proof? grow a pair and ask instead of assuming. 0 is my opinion of those who assume so readily, kinda funny that I assume quite often as well. the thing is... I also reserve the right to look into something. shame on those who don't.

anyway... I will be making a wierdface vid tomorrow if all goes well. laters. ^^


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